Operative prosecution work

The operative prosecution activities are conducted at four Public Prosecution Areas and the National Public Prosecution Department.

Everyday crime constitutes a large part of the prosecutor’s work. Included in this category are shoplifting, assault and causing damage. At most local prosecution offices there is a specialist prosecutor who co-ordinates the work carried out by the office to combat everyday crime. There are also specialist prosecutors for other types of offence, such as environmental crime, violent crimes of a serious nature and drug-related crime.

The work at a local public prosecution office is conducted in close co-operation with the police, who perform the operative investigations.

The administrative personnel are a support to the prosecutors in dealing with cases and other matters.

The prosecution areas consist of the country's 32 public prosecution offices, with a geographical sphere of operation that is approximately equivalent to one or two counties. In the Stockholm and Malmö there are several public prosecution offices.

The National Unit against Organised Crime (former International Public Prosecution Office) is a international prosecution office with specialist competence for combating organised, cross-border crime and for the international co-operation between prosecutors. The National Unit against Organised Crime has offices at three locations in the country (Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö).

The National Public Prosecution Department consists of the prosecution offices with a national responsibility – one for combating corruption, one for dealing with environment and working environment case, one for security-related cases and  and one for combating organised cross-border crime and to permit international co-operation between prosecutors (The National Unit against Organised Crime).

The Separate Public Prosecution Office (former National Police-related Crimes Unit) deals with suspected offences committed by e.g. police officers, prosecutors and judges.