The Supreme Court

The Prosecutor-General is the highest-ranked prosecutor in the country and the only public prosecutor in the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is the final instance among the public courts and a pure precedent body. By referring suitable cases to the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor-General helps to make sure that light is shed on important issues relating to the practical application of the law.

Each year, the Prosecutor-General appeals in the Supreme Court against 10-20 High Court rulings. A person who has been convicted of a crime is also entitled to appeal in the Supreme Court against the verdict. In both instances, an appeal permit has to be applied for and in those cases where the convicted person makes an appeal, the Prosecutor-General has to make a statement in the form of a so-called letter of response. Through the letters of response, the Prosecutor-General also helps to shed light on important legal matters.

The prosecution operations of the Supreme Court are conducted by the Legal Department at the Office of the Prosecutor-General.