National Public Prosecution Department

The national public prosecution department consists of those national units and public prosecution offices that have national responsibilities: the National Anti-Corruption Unit, the National Unit for Environment and Working Environment Cases, the National Security Unit and the National Unit against Organised Crime. This also includes Sweden's representation in the European prosecution collaboration Eurojust.

The four national public prosecution offices administer all crimes, regardless of where they took place geographically, within their respective areas of responsibility.

The office of the national public prosecution department has a coordinating function within the department and does not handle prosecution matters of an operational character. Questions regarding individual cases are referred to the Senior registry clerk of the public prosecution office that administers the case.

Telephone: +46 10-562 50 00

Email [email protected]

Address: P.O.Box 57, 101 21 Stockholm

Visit: Hantverkargatan 25 A, Stockholm


Director of Public Prosecution, Head of Area Thomas Häggström
Administrative Prosecutor Jennie Kronlund