Statement regarding media information on arrest in London

Published: 4/11/2019 1:34:00 PM

According to media reports, Julian Assange has been placed under arrest in London. The Swedish preliminary investigation against him was discontinued on 19 May 2017. In response to today’s developments, Chief Prosecutor Ingrid Isgren makes the following comment:

- This is news to us too, so we have not been able to take a position on the information that is now available. We also do not know why he is under arrest. We are following the developments, says Chief Prosecutor Ingrid Isgren.

No further comments will be made by the prosecutor at this time. When further information becomes available, this will be provided via a press release.

A preliminary investigation can be resumed as long as the suspected crime is not subject to statute of limitation. In this case, the suspected crime of rape would be subject to statute of limitation in mid-August 2020.

The press release when the preliminary investigation was discontinued

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