The work of the Swedish Prosecution Authority frequently attracts the attention of the media. The authority aims for openness, as far as is possible bearing in mind the requirements of crime investigation and secrecy.

Press Service

All journalists are welcome to contact our Press Service. You can reach us on the Press Service phone number shown below or send us an email: info(a)

The Press Service phone number: +46 10 562 50 20

We can help you to find facts and information, direct you to the right person within the Prosecution Authority.

You can call the Press Service phone number on any day. We will help you the best we can. But please bear in mind that the prosecutors usually work normal office hours.   

General questions on prosecution activities

This website contains considerable basic information on the work of prosecutors and the authority, including word definitions, statistics and publications.
The Communication Department and the Legal Department can also provide assistance. Email: info(a)


The Statistics Unit can answer any questions you may have about statistics.
Tel. +46 10 562 51 35.

General questions on different types of crime

The Swedish Prosecution Authority has a prosecution development centre. They conduct methodological and legal development within criminal areas and have the integrated overall knowledge within their area of responsibility. The development centre can also help in interpreting statistics.

Specific cases

It is in general only the prosecutor responsible for a certain case who is permitted to answer questions about the case in question. Therefore, for cases of a local nature you should contact the nearest local public prosecution office.