It is possible to request a review of a prosecutor’s ruling concerning, for example, a discontinued preliminary investigation or a decision not to bring charges. Requests for review are handled by the Prosecution Authority’s Development Centre.

If a request for a review is received by a public prosecution office, first of all the prosecutor who made the ruling shall decide whether or not any new circumstances have come to light in the matter.

If new circumstances are cited, the prosecutor reconsiders his/her decision. If this reconsideration fails to result in any change to the original ruling, the matter is referred to the prosecution development centre. The same applies if there are no new circumstances to be considered in the case.

At the prosecution development centre, the case will be reviewed by the Director of Public Prosecution, who will then make a decision on, for instance, the resumption of a discontinued investigation or that certain investigation measures should be taken. The case is then referred back to the original public prosecution office, but to a different prosecutor.

Decisions made by a prosecution development centre can also be reviewed, and the matter will in this case be handled by the Office of the Prosecutor-General.


Questions and answers about reviews

Here you can find information on reviews that is, the opportunity to have the prosecutor’s decision changed. You can also find information on how the police’s decision can be examined by prosecutors. Here is a form (in english) that can be used when submitting an examination request.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding reviews.

What is a review?

A review means that a prosecution is reviewed by a senior prosecutor (Director of Public Prosecution/Deputy Director of Public Prosecution). A review may lead to a decision being changed or that it is judged to be correct and shall therefore not be changed. In special cases, decisions can also be reviewed by the Prosecutor-General. Review/examination of a decision is handled by written procedure.

Which prosecutions can be reviewed?

In principle, all decisions can be reviewed, such as a decision to conduct a preliminary investigation or to not bring a prosecution forward. Decisions that can be appealed to a court, such as a decision not to issue a restraining order, or a decision regarding seizure, are not usually reviewed.

Can the police’s decision be examined by a prosecutor?

Yes, the police’s decision can be examined by a prosecutor. Such a request is sent or submitted to the police. A list of addresses can be found on the police website. Please use the form for requesting an examination, available on this page.

Can anyone request a review?

No. Only those who are involved in the case, in other words, those who are victims of the crime or suspected of the crime, can usually request a review.

How much time do I have to submit a review from the date the decision is made?

In principle, there is no set time within which a request for review must be submitted. However, if there is a long period of time between the request for review and the decision being made, this can mean that the case will not be examined in substance.

How do I submit a request for review of a prosecutor's decision?

A request for review must be in writing. It can be sent via e-mail. An oral request for review is not usually accepted.

A request for review must be clear and complete upon submission. The case is not usually accepted if the request for review is inadequate. It is not usually possible to complete the request at a later date. Therefore, make sure that the request is complete upon submission.

A request for review must be sent or submitted to the local public prosecution office where the decision was made. A list of addresses can be found on the contact page.

Please use the form for requesting a review, which is located on this page. The form can be used both for review of a prosecutor's decision and examination of a police decision.

How will I find out the results of my request?

When a decision has been made, a copy of the decision is sent to your home address or e-mailaddress.