The Swedish Prosecution Authority

The Swedish Prosecution Authority is an independent organisation. It is independent from both the courts and the police.The Prosecution Authority, like all other Swedish authorities, is not a department in the Ministry of Justice or any other ministry.

The role of the Swedish prosecutor

Compared with many other countries, the Swedish prosecutor is very powerful. The prosecutor conducts both the investigation and brings the case to court.

Swedish prosecutors have three main duties:
• to lead and direct the preliminary investigations of crime
• to make decisions on prosecution issues
• to appear in court to process actions in criminal cases

Today’s prosecution service is a modern, development-oriented organisation that is devoted to the reduction of crime by ensuring that those individuals who have committed crimes are called to account for their actions in a legally correct and effective way.


Leader of the preliminary investigation, Deputy Prosecutor-General, Mrs Kerstin Skarp, can not give any more details concerning the investigative mode in this matter.
Swedish Prosecution Authority has recieved many questions about why the prosecutor did not go to the UK and questioning Assange.
Director of Public Prosecution Ms Marianne Ny will not comment on the matter as long as it is handled by British authorities.
Director of Public Prosecution Ms Marianne Ny cannot comment the recent information concering political asylum.
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has dismissed the application from Mr Assange to re-open the appeal. In addition, the Court has ordered that the required period for extradition shall not commence until the 14th day after today.
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The Swedish Prosecution Authority
There are some 900 prosecutors at 39 public prosecution offices all over the country.