National Unit against Organised Crime

The National Unit against Organised Crime (former International Public Prosecution Office) is a international prosecution office with specialist competence for combating organised, cross-border crime and for the international co-operation between prosecutors. The National Unit against Organised Crime has offices at three locations in the country (Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö).

• Email: [email protected]

Office in Stockholm

Phone + 46 10 562 50 00


Chief Public Prosecutor, Head of Chamber: Lise Tamm

Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor: Marie Lind Thomsen

Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor: Katarina Folestad

Senior Administrative Officer: Ann Peters

Deputy Administrative Officer: Lisa Wallin



Office in Göteborg

Phone +46 10 562 70 00


Chief Public Prosecutor: Mats Sällström

Deputy Senior Administrative Officer: Ann-Sofie Adolfsson



Office in Malmö

Phone +46 10 562 61 62



Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor: Måns Biörklund

Deputy Senior Administrative Officer: Kirsten Andersson