Specialist offices

In addition to the authority’s local public prosecution offices, there are five specialist offices working in various fields.

The National Public Prosecution Department consists of four national units

The National Environment and Work Environment Unit deals with cases relating to environmental offences and work environment offences, including suspected criminal liability for accidents in the workplace.

Contact: environment(a)prosecutor.se

The National Anti-Corruption Unit deals with cases relating to the suspected offering and accepting of bribes. The unit also handles cases that are closely linked to these crimes, such as match-fixing in organised sports. 

Contact: anticorruption(a)prosecutor.se

The National Security Unit deals with all cases handled by the Swedish Security Service. Among other things, the unit deals with terrorism offences, including the financing of terrorism, and crime against the security of the realm.

Contact: security(a)prosecutor.se

The National Unit Against Organised Crime investigates cross-border crime and organised or other forms of serious crime at national level, as well as specific offences such as war crimes and human rights offences. The most common types of crime investigated by the unit are cross-border drugs crime and human trafficking.

Contact: international(a)prosecutor.se

Separate Public Prosecution Office

The Separate Public Prosecution Office deals with cases related to crimes committed by police officers, prosecutors, judges, members of the Parliament and certain other public officials.

While the Separate Public Prosecution Office differs from local public prosecution offices in as much as it only investigates suspected crimes committed by the holders of specific public offices, it will investigate all types of crime and do so irrespective of whether the alleged offence was committed while on duty or in the officer’s own time.

The majority of cases dealt with by the unit relate to employees of the Swedish Police. The offences in question range from the unlawful use of violence to unprofessional behaviour on the part of police officers. The rules regarding police powers can be difficult to apply in practice and the cases the unit deal with often involve borderline assessments of constitutional and human rights issues and how and when police officers are permitted to use force.

As a matter of legal security, the operations of the Separate Public Prosecution Office are conducted separately from ordinary police and prosecution operations. The unit is the only public prosecution office that reports directly to the Prosecutor General.

The Separate Public Prosecution Office deals with approximately 10,000 cases each year.

Contact: registrator.ak-sarskilda(a)aklagare.se