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  • The prosecutor comments on the fact that Stockholm City Court has decided that Julian Assange is to remain detained.

    Stockholm City Court has today decided that Julian Assange will still be detained, suspected on probable cause for rape, less serious crime. Julian Assange has the opportunity to appeal the detention order to the Svea Court of Appeal. - Julian Assange is, on probable cause, suspected of rape, less serious crime, and the risk of evasion is still substantial. In our opinion, the public interest to continue the investigation still carries weight. The efforts to conduct an interview and take DNA samples continue, and we are still awaiting a response to the application for legal assistance which was submitted to Ecuador in March 2016. The Court shares our view that a continued detention complies with the principle of proportionality, says Director of Public Prosecution Marianne Ny. A renewed request to interview Assange at Ecuador's embassy in London was submitted in March. - We have not yet received a reply, says Marianne Ny. Press service 46 10 562 50 20

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