Press service

The Swedish Prosecution Authority’s Press Service is available to answer questions from journalists or to put them in touch with the prosecutor in charge of an investigation.

The Press Service is available to the media during and outside office hours

Journalists are welcome to contact the authority’s Press Service on +46 (0)10 562 50 20. We can also be reached outside office hours, although at such times we can only answer questions regarding matters being dealt with by duty prosecutors.

You can also email us with questions during office hours at info(a)

If you require the direct number to a prosecutor, please contact the switchboard on +46 (0)10 562 50 00. If your question relates to a specific case, only the prosecutor who leads the case can decide which information may be disclosed.

Statistics can be prepared regarding legal proceedings and suspicions of crime

If you would like statistics, for example regarding how common a crime is or how many people face legal proceedings for a given crime under a certain period, please contact our statisticians at statistik(a)

Prosecutors are available to the media to provide an overview of their work

Some of our operational prosecutors have undertaken to set aside time to provide the media with facts and general information about how prosecutors go about their work. They can also offer context based on their own experience. What they will never do is discuss the specifics of other prosecutors’ cases.

Please contact the Press Service if you would like to get in touch with a media-relations prosecutor.

How to request an official document

If you would like to request a copy of an official document, please contact the registrar at the local public prosecution office that is dealing with the case. Pursuant to the provisions of GDPR and the Swedish Act containing supplementary provisions to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (SFS 2018:218) concerning the processing of personal data and personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences, we are unable to email such data. It is however possible to order a hardcopy. You can find contact details for local public prosecution offices here.

Fees for hardcopies of official documents

1-9 pages, free of charge
10 pages, SEK 50
Over 10 pages, SEK 50 + SEK 2 per page

Swedish Police media contacts

Contact the Swedish Police’s Communications Division.

Further contact details

Here are the contact details for all of our local public prosecution offices.