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Among some 1 400 employees within the Swedish Prosecution Authority, 950 are prosecutors while the remainder work with various support functions.

The operative prosecution activities are conducted at seven Public Prosecution Areas and the National Public Prosecution Department. The prosecution areas consist of the country's 32 public prosecution offices, with a geographical sphere of operation that is approximately equivalent to a county. In the Stockholm and Malmö there are several local public prosecution offices.

The National Public Prosecution Department consists of the prosecution offices with a national responsibility – one for combating corruption, one for dealing with environment and working environment cases, one for combatting
organised crime and one for security-related cases.

The separate Public Prosecution Office deals with suspected offences committed by e.g. police officers, prosecutors and judges.

The Prosecution Authority’s three prosecution development centres are tasked with conducting methodological and legal development within different criminal areas. Legal follow-up and inspection are also conducted here. An example of this is that fact that all appeals made against prosecution decisions are handled by the development centres. The centres are responsible for maintaining general expertise within their respective areas of responsibility.

At the Head Office, there is a legal department for cases heard in the Supreme Court and central international issues, a supervision department for legal direction and control, as well as central departments for e.g. communication, human relations and IT.