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  • Stockholm District Court has granted the prosecutor more time to continue the preliminary investigation of the case concerning the American artist who has been detained since 5 July on probable cause on suspicion of assault in Stockholm.

    “The Court decided that the artist will remain in custody until 25 July, because of the flight risk. This gives us time to complete the investigation.”, says Daniel Suneson. If the prosecutor decides to indict the artist, the new time limit has been set to 25 July at 11 am, at the latest. The District Court decided that the other two detained in the case also will remain in custody. Case number in Stockholm District Court: B 9283-19 The prosecutor is not able to be available to the media during the day. When new information is available, a press release will be released. For general questions about the Swedish detention premises, please contact the Swedish Prison and Probation Service's press service, phone +46 11 496 31 00. Due to Swedish law, they cannot provide any information about individuals. Link: The Swedish Prison and Probation Service, Remand    Press Service +46 10 562 50 20

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  • On Friday 5 July, an artist was detained on probable cause for assault in central Stockholm. The prosecutor has now requested for an extension of time until 25 July to finish the investigation. An application for a detention order has been sent to Stockholm District Court.

    "We have worked intensively with the investigation and need more time, until Thursday next week in order to complete the preliminary investigation. As long as the preliminary investigation is ongoing, I cannot give any further comments.", says prosecutor Daniel Suneson, the person in charge of the investigation. In addition to the artist, two more men were detained on suspicion of assault in the same case. The request for extension of time also applies to them. A counter-notice is made against one of the injured parties in the case. A preliminary investigation is ongoing in parallel. The suspected crimes are abuse, assault and attempted assault. Decisions in this matter will be taken no later than 25 July. Due to the summer holidays period, Senior Public Prosecutor Daniel Suneson has taken over as the person in charge of the investigation. Case number in Stockholm District Court: B 9283-19 Detention hearings The detention hearings will start at 1 pm CET, starting with the artist at 1-2 pm and the other two suspects at 2-3 pm and 3-4 pm respectively.   The Swedish judicial system (Link to the Ministry of Justice)     Press Service +46 10 562 50 20

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  • The preliminary investigation continues regarding the American artist who is detained by the Stockholm District Court in Sweden on suspicion of assault in Stockholm.

    Several investigation measures have already been conducted and the analysis of material continues. There is also a preliminary investigation in the case concerning the aggrieved party who is suspected of molestation and assault. On the 19 July, at the latest, the prosecutor must decide whether to file a prosecution or ask the court for a longer detention period in order to finalize the investigation. The prosecutor cannot give any further information about the case for the time being. When information becomes available, this will be provided via a press release. Court´s case number: B 9283-19     Press Service +46 10 562 50 20

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