Facts and organisational chart

The Swedish Prosecution Authority employs over 1,000 prosecutor

The Swedish Prosecution Authority employs some 1,700 people, just over 1,100 of whom are prosecutors (as of August 2021). Other employees work as administrative officers on behalf of the prosecutors or perform various support functions at the authority’s head office.

Almost half a million suspected crimes are reported to the authority every year

In 2019, the authority dealt with 171,900 criminal cases relating to 437,700 suspects. During 2019, prosecutors at the Swedish Prosecution Authority commenced legal proceedings against 111,800 people. The term legal proceedings includes prosecutors’ decisions to indict, issue summary impositions of fines and waivers of prosecution.

Prosecutors work all over Sweden

The Swedish Prosecution Authority’s operations are divided into four public prosecution areas plus the National Public Prosecution Department. There are 32 local public prosecution offices based in 27 towns and cities all over Sweden. Each local public prosecution office is responsible for a geographical area roughly equivalent to a county.

The authority also includes four national prosecution offices, one separate prosecution office, the Prosecution Development Centre and the Head Office.

Organisational chart

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