About cookies

On July 1, 2011, the Electronic Communications Act was changed (2003: 389). This means that you as a visitor of the website actively must consent to the fact that the website uses so called cookies.

The website of the Swedish Prosecution Authority uses cookies. A cookie is a small file that is locally saved on your computer and used by a server for identification. If you don’t want to allow the storage of cookies on your computer, you can turn this off in your browser settings. However, some of the cookies on aklagare.se are necessary for the website to function correctly. Other cookies are used in our work to continuously improve the website.

When are cookies used on aklagare.se?

Cookies are used for functions where we need to keep track of the user and possible configurations he or she has performed. We are also using cookies to collect statistical information regarding how our website is used, which pages on the website are visited the most and the least as well as how many visitors we have during different times of the year. We do this in order to be able to improve the website for our visitors.

Other functions that uses cookies are:

• Forms/votes. If a user that isn’t logged in answers a vote or posts a form, a cookie will be saved to remember that the user has answered the form.

• Login. When the user logs in, cookies are used to store login information. If cookies are declined during logging in, a login form will be shown for each new page that requires login.