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  • Public prosecutor Daniel Suneson has decided not to appeal the verdict of Stockholm District Court imposing conditional sentences for assault on an American artist and two other individuals.

     “I have accepted the District Court’s evaluation of the evidence, in as much as the use of whole or broken bottles during the assault has not been proven. In my opinion, the criminal act has a somewhat higher penal value than the two months decided by the District Court; however, after due consideration, I have chosen not to appeal the verdict. All three defendants have in fact been brought to justice for assault and the District Court has dismissed the plea of self-defence, something that I believe was important to clarify in this particular case,” says public prosecutor Daniel Suneson. The assault in question took place in Stockholm on 30 June and three men were remanded in custody on 5 July on suspicion of having committed the crime. All three were released from custody on the conclusion of the trial. On 14 August, they were given conditional sentences for assault by the District Court. Link to press release from the Stockholm District Court. Stockholm District Court, Case No. B 9283-19 The public prosecutor is available to the media today, Tuesday, from 9:00 until 10:30 on +46 (0)10 562 55 93.    Press Service +46 10 562 50 20

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  • The artist, and two men in his company, were prosecuted for assault. Stockholm District Court will give judgment in the case on Wednesday 14 August at 14.00. The prosecutor will be available after the judgment has been announced.

    The three men are suspected of committing assault of a 19-year-old man in central Stockholm on 30 June. After the trial was concluded on 2 August, the men were released from custody by Stockholm District Court. The court will issue the judgement on 14 August at 14.00. Senior Public Prosecutor Daniel Suneson is available per telephone after the judgment has been issued. Case number at Stockholm District Court: B 9283-19 Contact: Senior Public Prosecutor Daniel Suneson, City Public Prosecution Office, Stockholm, +46 10 562 55 93. Available to the media on 14 August at 15.00-16.30. Press Service: +46 10 562 50 20

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