Head Office

The Head Office of the Swedish Prosecution Authority is responsible for cases heard by the Supreme Court, for legal governance and for central international matters. Head Office is also responsible for overall supervision of operations at local public prosecution offices, as well as for the authority’s central IT, finance, HR and communications functions. The authority’s management and the Prosecutor General are also based at Head Office.

Journalists can contact the Press Service

Journalists are welcome to contact the authority’s Press Service. We can also be reached outside office hours, although at such times we can only answer questions regarding matters being dealt with by duty prosecutors.

How can I contact the Head Office?

Please call the switchboard on the number below if you require a direct number to an individual employee or department. You can also contact us by email.

+46 (0)10 562 50 00

All correspondence addressed to the authority is registered and may become official documents

As a government agency, the Swedish Prosecution Authority is obliged to register official documents received by the authority, including letters, emails and faxes. Once registered, correspondence will be forwarded, usually on the same day, to the correct person within the Swedish Prosecution Authority.

There are however certain exceptions to the requirement to register official documents. These exceptions are set out in the Swedish Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (SFS 2009:400) and primarily relate to documents of little or no importance to the authority’s operations. Official documents may also be weeded out in accordance with the Swedish Prosecution Authority’s decision no. ÅM-A 2011/1504 (only available in Swedish).