The legal process

An effective legal system is one of the basic cornerstones of a democratic society.

Legal security means that the individual must be able to rely on the legislation, on the authorities and on the courts of law. The laws have to be modern and at the same time guarantee basic freedoms and rights. The overall objective of criminal policy is to reduce crime and increase the sense of security that people experience.

The prosecution service has to contribute towards the achievement of this objective by ensuring that the perpetrators of crimes are called to account for their actions in a legally correct and effective way.

The prosecutor is an important link in the legal process involving the police, the prosecution service, the court and criminal care. It is the prosecutor who, within the bounds of the law, decides on whether legal proceedings are to be taken, and it is the prosecutor who leads the preliminary investigations and represents the State in court.

The various authorities in the legal process are dependent on one another’s operations, and close co-operation between the different parties is therefore essential.

In this section on our website we focus primarily on describing the role of the prosecutor within the legal process. Read more about the Swedish Judicial system in the brochure from the Ministry of Justice.