Prosecution for Refugee Espionage Brought Against a Detained Person

Published: 11/6/2019 9:55:49 AM

A 46-year-old Swedish-Iraqi citizen has today been prosecuted for refugee espionage at Stockholm District Court. The prosecutor is available to the media.

The man is indicted for, during the period April 2015 to February 2019, collecting personal information about opposition Iranians belonging to the Ahwazi community with the intention of conveying the information to the government of Iran.

“I have prosecuted the man for, under cover of representing an Arabic evening paper, having photographed and filmed Ahwazi conference delegates and demonstration participants in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden. He is also claimed to have infiltrated Ahwazi fora on the internet and thus obtained opposition persons’ addresses and telephone numbers,” says Senior Public Prosecutor Hans-Jörgen Hanström.

The man is also prosecuted for having photographed car registration plates and log-on information for routers, during home visits. The prosecutor states that part of the information has been conveyed to representatives of the Iranian intelligence service via the internet or at personal meetings, including in Teheran. The man who has been prosecuted denies the offence.

The preliminary investigation report is quite extensive, some 1,700 pages, and parts of it is confidential.

The preliminary investigation was performed by the National Security Unit at The Swedish Prosecution Authority and the Swedish Security Service.

Crime classification: Illegal intelligence activities against persons, serious offence.

Proceedings in the district court are estimated to take nine days.

Case number at Stockholm District Court: B 2890-19.

Contact: Senior Public Prosecutor, Hans-Jörgen Hanström, is available to the media today Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm on +46 (0)10 562 53 85.



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