Verdict in matter concerning aggravated assault at Karolinska University Hospital

Published: 6/14/2022 10:04:10 AM

On Thursday 16 June at 11 am Solna District Court will pass sentence in a case where a former surgeon is prosecuted for aggravated assault of three persons who had synthetic tracheas implanted. The prosecutors are available to the media in the afternoon.

Chief Prosecutor Jim Westerberg and Senior Prosecutor Karin Lundström-Kron will be available to the media for short interviews on telephone Thursday 14-16 pm. You cannot pre-book interviews.

Solna District Court case number: B 10553-18. 


Jim Westerberg, interviews with Swedish media, +46 (0)10 562 70 54.

Karin Lundström-Kron, interviews with Swedish and international media, +46 (0)10 562 72 10.


Press Service, +46 10 562 50 20