Comment from the Prosecutor Concerning Verdict in Case with Artificial Tracheas

Published: 6/21/2023 2:25:00 PM

Today the Court of Appeal has found a former surgeon at the Swedish hospital Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset guilty of aggravated assault for implanting artificial tracheas in three patients who subsequently died, sentencing him to two and a half years imprisonment.

“We appealed because, as we see it, the interventions were contrary to science and best practice. Furthermore, a wide range of circumstances clearly show that the interventions were research, not care,” says Director of Public Prosecution Mikael Björk.

“It is satisfactory that the Court of Appeal shares our view that two of the three injured parties were not in danger within the meaning of the Penal Code and that the interventions were a matter of research subject to a permit,” says Mikael Björk.

The prosecutor is not available for questions in English.



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